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Object Oriented Programming: Languages, Implementation and Design;
Data Mining in Software Repositories.


Theoretical computer science (research areas included algorithms for parallel computation and hashing); Visual Languages for Information Systems Modeling; Morphology of images.



  • Leibniz Foundation graduate scholarship from the Hebrew University:
    1986/87, 1987/88, 1988/9.
  • Taub prize for excellence in research in Object Oriented Programming, Technion, 1995.
  • Muriel and David Jacknow Technion prize for excellence in teaching and development of the
    curriculum, Technion, 1998.
  • Most Influential Paper Award from VL/HCC, the IEEE International Symposium on Visual Languages “Formalizing Spider Diagrams”, with John Howse and Stuart Kent, 1999.
  • Hershel Rich – Technion Innovation Award, “Efficient Dilation, Erosion, Opening and
    Closing Algorithms”, 2001.
  • Poetry of Science in memory of the Prof. Ofer Lider, 2007.
  • Most Influential Paper Award from the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, “Precise Specification and Automatic Application of Design Patterns”, with Amnon H. Eden, Amiram Yehudai, 2011.
  • Distinguished Paper Award ECOOP, “Formal Language Recognition with the Java Type Checker” with Tomer Levy, 2016.
  • Best Tool SANER, “The Spartanizer – Massive Automatic Refactoring”, 2017.


Winter 2016-2017

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  • Yearly project in Software Engineering, Stage B

Winter 2012-2013

Spring 2012

Winter 2011-2012

  • Yearly project in Software Engineering, Stage A

Spring 2011

  • Yearly project in Software Engineering, Stage B
  • Seminar in Computer Science 5

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  • Seminar in Software Engineering

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  • Seminar in Computer Science 1

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Spring 2003

  • Object-Oriented Programming

Winter 2002-2003

Spring 2002

  • Object-Oriented Programming

Winter 2001-2002

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Advanced Topics in Computer Science 4



  • Joseph Gil. Parallel Computation of Editing Distance. M.Sc. Thesis. The Hebrew University
    of Jerusalem. 1986.
  • Joseph Gil. Lower Bounds and Algorithms for Hashing and for Parallel Processing. Ph.D. Dissertation. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 1991.


1990 – 1999


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2000 – 2009


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2010 – Today


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 Journal Articles ♣

Conference and workshop papers ●


Postdoc and Research Associates Supervision:

 1. Dr. Michael Rudzsky, Giladi Program, 1996-1998. Last seen as: Researcher at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology“. Linkedin.

 2. Dr. Enno Scholtz, Minnerva Grant, Spring, 1997. Last seen as: Co-Founder & CEO at HYPE Innovation“. Linkedin.

 3. Dr. Cristina Monni, Spring/Summer, 2014. Last seen as: Postdoctoral Fellow – University of LuganoLinkedin.


4. Dr. Matteo Orru. Postdoctoral Fellow – Faculty of Computer Science (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)Linkedin.

Ph.D. Students:

1. Prof. David H. Lorenz (1999). Compilation of Source Code into Object-Oriented Patterns. Last seen as: Associate Professor  Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (The Open University of Israel) and Visiting Associate Professor  Faculty of Computer Science (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)“. Linkedin.

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7. Gal Lalush. The consistency, independence and validity of Software Complexity Metrics.

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1. Erez (Arzhang) Nassimi (1994). Last seen as: R&D Team Leader at Comm-IT“. Linkedin.

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