• Leibniz Foundation graduate scholarship from the Hebrew University:
    1986/87, 1987/88, 1988/9.
  • Taub prize for excellence in research in Object Oriented Programming, Technion, 1995.
  • Muriel and David Jacknow Technion prize for excellence in teaching and development of the
    curriculum, Technion, 1998.
  • Most Influential Paper Award from VL/HCC, the IEEE International Symposium on Visual Languages “Formalizing Spider Diagrams”, with John Howse and Stuart Kent, 1999.
  • Hershel Rich – Technion Innovation Award, “Efficient Dilation, Erosion, Opening and
    Closing Algorithms”, 2001.
  • Poetry of Science in memory of the Prof. Ofer Lider, 2007.
  • Most Influential Paper Award from the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, “Precise Specification and Automatic Application of Design Patterns”, with Amnon H. Eden, Amiram Yehudai, 2011.
  • Distinguished Paper Award ECOOP, “Formal Language Recognition with the Java Type Checker” with Tomer Levy, 2016.
  • Best Tool SANER, “The Spartanizer – Massive Automatic Refactoring”, 2017.